2024-06-07 - Released to Beta as an auto update

 - Added DAQ / ODT Reports for XCP.
 - Added ability to unsubscribe all gauges not on the current Dashboard Tab.
 - Fix Table tail getting highlighted on the end of the tail instead of current record on the graphing & logging tab.
 - Explicitly set font to each component in a Settings Field incase it was retrieved from Cache.
 - Changed to Warning: blockingFactor smaller than ochBlockSize, but ochCommand does not support blocking.
 - Password protection on for tuning panels in dialogs, diff reports TuningViews and logging tab.
 - Added Password caching and a user adjustable timeout period.
 - Firmware loader, changed name of MS3-Pro Module 2 to MS3-Pro-Plus
 - Suppress display of CurrentTune in status bar. Instead display the last purposely loaded tune file until modifications are made to it.
 - Added Undo/Redo/Burn buttons to the Logging Tab.
 - Added support to always prompt to save tune.
 - Fix - If gauge units are empty, units from right click menu were not applied.
 - Save increment amount on 1D tables.
 - Added Follow Mode to 2D Tables for Ultra.
 - Device search moved Bluetooth search to end.
 - Firmware Loader not selecting MS3-Pro Mini.

2024-05-01 - Released  3.2.03 promoted to stable and beta as Installer and auto update. 

2024-04-29 - Released to Beta as an auto update

- Added Drag and Drop support.
- Fix for password protected dialog vulnerability.

2024-04-25 - Released to Beta as an auto update

- Table Y Axis KPa to PSI calcs allow for a relative baro.
- Finished, display Curve Graph, without the graph with suppressGraph in Curve Definition.
- Update Main Start Page to display current version
- Improved hyperlink function on Setting Field labels.
- Fix Auto Digits getting set over-riding log defined ini.
- Fix Save Restore Point on Connect, actually changing Save on Tune Save.
- Rolled back to jssc 2.9.4 as 2.9.6 doesn't work on some older Raspberry Pi and XP OS's
- Fix hard loop on failure to open Datagram
- Prevent multiple error messages when DataGram Fails.
- Cache DataLogField Mapping
- Firmware Loader warns before loading ms3.s19 to an ms3-pro mini
- Automatically swap back to oracle java on Windows XP after Auto update.
- Added support for defining read/write commands per page instead of in long array.

2024-02-29 - Released promoted 3.1.09 to stable as Installer.  Auto update will follow 1 week later

2024-02-26 - Released to Beta RC1 as Installer and auto update

-  Supports AutoIpControllerInterface and talking to CAN devices connected to TS Dash 
-  Supports password protection on settings dialogs. User provided password.
-  Password caching. Timeout can be set in TunerStudio.properties using keyword: userPasswordTimeoutPeriod=600000
-  Removed GPS error messages that could keep repeating.
-  Updated jssc.jar to 2.9.6 to support ARM64
-  Added support for white spaces in inc file names.
-  Added scroll bar to Action Management for low res screens.
-  Fix validation of X Axis on re-bin operation
-  Added addition support against project loading getting hung when D2XX was selected on Windows.
-  Fix Two Point Linear calculator not coming up from Generic ports dialog.
-  Added place holder ini for MS3-Pro specific components managed by AMP EFI.-  Added DD EFI Signature to Lite Edition
-  Placed hierarchy of #include files from ini. Install/inc, cache/inc, Project/inc
-  Added validations to the thermoster table generator
-  Added enable & visibility support for SettingSelector
-  Added SaveTune Action 
-  Added setMs3RTC Action 
-  Added support for pushing ini and inc files without a complete Auto Update
-  Added firmware loader support for MS3-Pro Mini 
-  PortEditor added support for custom attribute arrays
-  EventMonitor evaluates when AppEvent channels change while offline.
-  Add support for Dash Echo CAN devices.
-  Fix not logging CAN devices if log started while offline.
-  Updated exe to support JRE change.
-  Updated JRE to Open JDK.
-  Workaround SD log problem with bit fields double mapped in ini file to different data types.
-  Added Innovate SGC for wideband calibration
-  Added Start & Stop Auto Tune Actions
-  Added Start & stop AutoTune Actions
-  Added table color min/Max 
-  Add Wideband cal for "AEM Linear (30-2310 & 30-4900)
-  Write Timeslip data to mlg log files.
-  Added 330ft and Density Altitude to Time Slip Dialog 
-  Added Time Slip Editor.
-  Auto zero log for MS3 based on Launch Timer
-  Added Ukrainian language support. Corrected translations are currently underway.
-  Advanced dynamic table resizing ground work.
-  Added timeslip data to Graphing and logging view.
-  Added support for transferring a Device.
-  Added a toggle function to math parser.
-  Updated MS3 open time for Performance and economy fields in newer MS3 firmwares
-  Issue warning if no panel constraint is defined on a border layout dialog.
-  Issue warning if negative hard number value set in ini for a Constant.
-  Will use JSSC 2.8 library for Windows XP
-  Fix Prevent Sleep

2022-08-25 - Released as auto update

- Use JSSC 2.8 library for Windows XP as 2.9.4 is no longer compatible
- Fix decimals lost in re-bin Y axis.
- Added option to not interpolate Z on re-bin.
- Save tune to mlg logs.
- implemented MLVLG format 2.0. Allows more fields and field categories.
- Added a Burn Action
- Changed description of XCP Driver from Remote Connection to Dash Echo Client
- Fix Splash screen paining on Linux
- Added support for logging binary AppFields.

2022-06-21 - Released as auto update

- Added Dash Echo Client

2022-06-05 - Released as auto update

- Optimized protocol Initialization for faster interrogation
- Added chromium-browser to BrowserLauncher as a browser was not opening on Rasbian
- Added support for Remote Log File Browse / Open for opening logs directly from TS Dash.
- Added support for clickable hyperlinks in Dialog Labels.

2022-05-17 - Released as beta installer and auto update

- Added support for ignoreMissingBitOptions = true to suppress warning on missing bit options
- Added user option to stop asking to download ini file, just do it.
- Check to close any difference report dialog that might be open.
- Added support for readoutPanel and readout, allows defining a group of readouts in the ini that can be added to any dialog.
- Added support for ini runtimeValue, allows adding a runtime readout to a dialog or panel as a field.
- Handle native Library not found in D2XX

2022-03-24 - Released to installer and auto update

- Fix translations on calculators
- Improvements to DataRate OutputChannel for highly varying streams.
- Updated Lite Difference report prompt
- Fix Offline Activation from Thread Lock..
- Handle native Library not found in D2XX
- Fix hot keys not underlined on tuning button when text gets wrapped.
- Fix: Starting a Data Log the default name was based on the timestamp of the previous data log start.

2022-02-07 - Promoted to new Stable 3.1.08 installer and auto update

- Fix null error when opening Calibration utility with older firmwares.

2022-02-01 - Promoted to new Stable 3.1.07 installer and auto update

- No change from beta

2022-02-01 - Released as beta, installer and auto update

- Fix stops taking numeric inputs if the 1st 2 digits are the same.
- Change Data Log format based on users selection in the File Dialog.

2022-01-22 - Released as beta, installer and auto update

- Fix to filtering virtual MAC addresses
- Null out all bytes not in use for a String Constant.

- Set default AMP EFI Dashboards

- Fix alert sound on some dialogs. Caused by race condition of 2 threads setting value.
- removed references to rpmhigh from gauge templates.
- Added support for zero length array constants in ECU Definition
- Prevent changing INVALID bit constants when they are disabled.
- Reduce CPU consumption while scanning for controller on Linux / Raspberry Pi.
- Fix Launch TeamViewer on new OS X
- Fix Tab through gauges in designer mode
- Added Shift+TAB to tab in reverse order
- Made multiple full screen dash selection work
- Begin adding support for delay arrays in PortEditor.
- Fix DataRate channel read inaccurate when large variance between individual read times.
- Added Active and Inactive delays in PortEditor.
- Fix Indicator text going back to default On/Off on save if they are empty Strings.
- Fix Log not stopped if set to name on stop and a new log is started.

2021-11-30 - Released as beta, installer and auto update

- powerCycleRequired made to monitor bit fields at the bit level as opposed to the data type level.

- Removed references to rpmhigh in gauge templates.

- Added specialized default dashboards for AMP EFI MS3-Pro and PNP2.
- Moved Data Log Preferences menu to under data logging.
- Made Log type selectable on start of data log if you are set to name 1st.
- Fix Gauge Cluster menu not showing under File menu on initial start up.
- Updated JSSC library to 2.9.4
- Added support for opening std_ dialogs through AppActions.
- Added an optional attribute in the Constant definition allowing you to over-ride the default column width of String Constants.

2021-10-27 - Released as beta, installer and auto update

- Added support for ECU Hub client in all registered editions of TS
- Speed quick runtime writes.
- Improved Hardware ID capture on Linux
- Added optional reset time expression to minValue and maxValue functions
- work on ECU Hub churn with quickruntime updates.
- Widen Comment editor and Help Text bubble
- Fix black on black msq info in Open Tune Dialog when using night shade
- Widen Comment editor and Help Text bubble
- Fix black on black msq info in Open Tune Dialog when using night shade
- Fix rouding of F32 causing CRC mis-match on interrogation
- Fix 2020 copyright date
- Add support for ini set default data rate --> defaultRuntimeRecordPerSec = 15;
- Refresh Com Port list on ports added or deleted
- Added support for adhoc bit constant i.e.
* Added support for bit options defined for specific values
* All undefined indexes will be filled with "INVALID". Example:
* 1="Option 1", 3="Option 2"
* equivilent of: "INVALID", "Option 1", "INVALID", "Option 2"
- Added support for hyperlinks in help bubble text

2021-08-11 - Released as beta, installer and auto update

- Fix dashboard background image getting removed when forcing aspect ratio
- Hardware ID improvements
- made DataLogField Profiles dialog High DPI compliant
- ignore Invalid bit settings when the are disabled.
- Added target lambda channels to VE Analyze tables 2-4 in MS3
- Made CAN devices drop down larger and more informative
- Added prevent sleep when connected option to options menu
- Fixed MS3 Performance calcs in KPH
- Clear queued internet downloads upon failure
- Added Calculator, Two Point Linear Calculator and Unit Conversion
- Added Two Point Linear calculator Tool to Generic Sensors dialog.
- added Log naming before/after option to standard MS edition, was ultra only
- Added Option to convert kPa to PSI on 2D table Y axis.
- Prevent sleep added 20 min period after disconnect that it will prevent.
- added expression view to calculator.
- Added support for ECU Hub client in all registered editions of TS
- Speed quick runtime writes.

2021-03-17 - Released as beta

- Digits carried from DataLogEntry to generated formula based fields.
- Hide empty Difference Reports
- HW ID enhancements
- Extend CAN Device selector firmware info display, set signature in tooltip
- Added SpeeduinoCalculation dash.

2020-12-08 - Released as beta & stable installer and auto-update
 - No changes from beta

2020-10-28 - Released as beta

- Fix array ini entries not always getting updates
- Difference Reports showing some disabled different settings.
- Constants are now saved in the same order they are defined in the ini.
- Fix Firmware Loader not loading Trans firmware.
- Added support for $GN GPS messages.
- Full application playback bypasses expressions when publishing.
- Fix: VEAL not correct all cells or correcting slowly
- Fix for CurrentTune being saved after config unloaded.
- Fix access to array elements in expressions not working
- Added signature Prefix
- Fix Save QuickView changes on change projects.

2020-10-28 - Released as beta installer and auto-update

- Fix array ini entries not always getting updates
- Difference Reports showing some disabled different settings.
- Constants are now saved in the same order they are defined in the ini.
- Fix Firmware Loader not loading Trans firmware.
- Added support for $GN GPS messages.
- Full application playback bypasses expressions when publishing.
- Fix: VEAL not correct all cells or correcting slowly
- Fix for CurrentTune being saved after config unloaded.
- Move validate call in MenuManager to UI Event thread.
- Fix MS2 Extra Fuel consumption

2020-08-13 - Released 3.1.04 as stable installer and auto-update

- Fix wiping edited Quick View on loading new log.
- Add logging of App Fields to MLG format.
- Work around of ini error for EXTENDED_TEMP
- Fix TriggerLogger Data font scaling.
- View in MLV will now use the existing instance of MLV if one available.
- MLV launch preference dialog (right click "View in MegaLogViewer" menu
- Fix number 8 hang with Belgium keyboard.
- Fix Linux restart application
- Linux Harddrive ID will look for command in /bin
- Fix Linux toggling Work Offline Check box while scanning for an ECU.
- Improved Project Properties backup logic
- Fix Quick Views going back to default on Project reload
- Added additional HW Identifiers

2020-08-13 - Released as beta installer and auto-update

- Added TeamViewer Quick Support download for OS X
- Removed Verbiage on Non-Windows Detect dialog to upgrade for wireless support
- Remove Dash Only menu unless showDashOnlyMenu=true is found in the TunerStudio.properties file 
- Fix Filter of serial ports on OS X
- Updated message for 1.7 JRE, to instruct using installer
- Fix forwarded channels (TPS) not showing in the SD Logging selector
- Fix Some fields not showing in SD Log Filed selector
- Refresh activation on upgrade, force it to refresh on next inter connect if not connected.
- Check project.properties for nulls to consider using backup file.
- Intercept controller naming to apply signature based filter.
- Sync Project and tsCanId, Load project CAN ID before parsing ini for a default.
- Added timeTrue([TrueFalseExpression]) function
- Added IsTrueFor([TrueFalseExpression], [SecondsTrueExpression]) function

2020-02-18 - Released 3.1.02 as stable installer and auto-update

- Promoted beta, no changes.

2020-02-17 - Released as beta auto-update

- Fix non-resizable dialogs from getting shifted off the screen on high dpi
- Fix strange painting when go offline with full screen dash
- Fix dash color effecting Dash Selector dialog
- Fix Linux restart after update
- Added support for dashboard forced Aspect at full screen
- Fix burn when write had not occurred
- Detects UTF-8 BOM ini encoding without having the ini header encoding = UTF-8
- Dev Edition filters short signatures
- Made indicator generated OutputChannels not hidden from drop downs
- Dashboard chooser dialog respects forced aspect ratio

2020-01-30 - Released 3.1.01 as stable installer & auto-update

- Fix Exit and Shutdown single click action
- Offline Ini download doesn't start monitoring the Internet until a download request has been placed.
- Fix Dash file fonts not loaded.
- Fix small dash tab font on some high dpi screens
- Only load Speeduino supplemental for firmware 201905 and newer

2020-01-22 - Released 3.1.00 as stable installer & auto-update

- No changes from, only version number.

Completed for next major release:

Beta releases:

Beta is currently on par with stable.

2020-01-13 - Released Release Candidate 2 installer & auto-update


- Fix Error when loading CAN device Dashes
- Fix detecting ECU Hub

2020-01-07 - Released Release Candidate 1 installer & auto-update


- Added updateValueWhen function
- Ensure File close on MS3 SD Log transformation.
- Cluster forced aspect now takes user value
- Fix IF() function
- Added force Aspect Ratio to dashboard designer mode
- Updated Exit and Shutdown Action to show on the Single/Long Click Action Menu
- Changed Windows shutdown command to shutdown /p
- Fixed error in 0-60 speed
- Added support for expression based scale and translate for Logger Def

2019-12-04 - Released installer & auto-update

- Added supplemental fields for Speeduino and Gen 4
- Added Time to Speed and Time to Distance dash and supporting infrastructure.
- updated dashboards to have a toggling Data Log Indicator on single click
- Updated High Speed Logger X-Y Chart to contain multiple Y fields.
- Finished Time to speed and Time to distance.
- Made next dash work with single screen
- Updated Performance and Economy data logging options.
- X-Y Plot toggle switch less sensitive to mouse movement during click
- Added spark Cut & fuel cut filters to VEAL
- Added VEAL filters for transbrake / launch control
- High speed logger will write signature to header if firmware family not available.
- High Speed logger will load logs with multi line header properly.
- Moved fullscreen dash switch to single window.
- Added support for String functions in LoggerDef header names
- Generic data view supports more than 3 Y axis'
- Keep VE Analyze Tables in order defined in ini file.
- Added support for logging bit fields in 0b00000000 format
- Added Data Log Indicators as templates in the Custom Channel editor
- Added support for HighSpeed Logger data set overlay.
- High Speed Loggger references header Fields.
- Fix Triggered Logging 
- Mark respects and data log offsets to truly be at trigger point in log
- Extended Replay supports selected data rate
- Enable new User Triggered events by default 
- Gauges support dynamic value digits
- Support summary view for msqpart files in open dialog.
- Scale UserActionList and TriggeredEventList row height for High DPI
- Moved Event Triggers editor to front.
- Fixed EventTrigger editors enabling of widgets based on active state.
- Fixed User Event Triggers not initializing on startup.
- Fix embedded log viewer not saving user properties.

2019-07-17 - Released installer & auto-update

- Moved Event Triggers editor to front.
- Fixed EventTrigger editors enabling of widgets based on active state.
- Fixed User Event Triggers not initializing on startup.
- Fix Embedded Log Viewer not saving user properties on exit.
- Fix runtime read validator reporting an error on 1st read of non-enveloped protocol.
- Added warning message if running on lower than 1.8 JRE
- Fix Linux 2nd Port fail-over
- Added support for 1D Array without a curve Graph
- Added ini support to disable squirt constraints in std_injection
- Added support for forcing big endian in protocol when controller is little endian.
- Added diff report blink for radio buttons.
- Corrected function insert support in Custom Channel Editor

2019-06-18 - Released installer & auto-update

- Removed "Turn Engine Off" message on difference reports when an error checking protocol is being used.
- StreamTester now reads a string to insure an Internet connection is available.
- Fix 2D Table black when all cells have same non-zero value.
- O2 Out of range ordered as last filter to insure any other filter that might be causing the O2 out of range is displayed 1st.
- Group readout with Histogram on generated Histogram clusters.
- Print incoming and outgoing High Speed Logger via UDP bytes with Comm Debug on 
- Fix blocking supported check
- Added signature prefix for SBW can device
- Fix Hi DPI double Scaling of Remote File (MS3 SD) Dialog
- Fix S32 roll over issue
- Suppress MLVLG Logging parent BitField field
- Check selected SD fields for fit on changing from 128 byte to 64 byte logs.
- Allow delete through File Dialog.
- Re check Device Activations after start up.
- Fix BitField background color stays black if val is over max val
- Fix Curve Graph not tracing to log on the Log tab with card layout curve graphs.
- Fix Help Bubble background image too small on high dpi 1st showing.
- Fix Speeduino ini downloads
- Made Comms Test button honor delayAfterPortOpen
- Added ini attribute to disabled num inj ans squirts validation for std_Injector

2019-03-27 - Released auto-update

- Added support for direct entry on multiple cells for 1D tables.
- Fix changes using dialog inputs not getting sent on 2D tables.
Added Cal Match Monitor that can compare an msqpart to the current tune an publish an OutputChannel to represent match state.
- Added match state outputChannel to Load Tune Action. 

2019-03-22 - Released as installers and auto-update
Large functional changes.

- Added Action Manager under Tools menu. This contains the User Action Editor and Action Trigger Editors in Ultra.
- Added User Action Editor - Allows users to create parameters sets as inputs to other Actions and use as an action
- Added Action Trigger support. Any parameter-less action can be triggered based on expressions.
- Added Default User Actions and Event Triggers
- Added mp3 and wav file.
- Added DataLog MARK Actions
- Added Play Sound Action 
- Added a Load Tune Action
- Added a Execute Shell Command Action
- Added a Close App and shutdown Action
- Added IF function that works like Excel IF([Condition Expression], [Then Expression], [Else Expression])
- Added SUM function similar to Excel: SUM([expression 1], [expression 2], [expression N])
- Fix GPS on raspberry pi
- View in MegaLogViewer will start as trail and playback when opening a log currently being logged.
- Difference reports added a save delta tune, saves an msqpart containing only the settings that are different.
- Adjustments to CurveGraph preferred sizing
- Fix TuneView Designer Mode Table value set failing to show dialog when full screen
- Generate FeetTraveled as needed to show drag race stats with CTRL=0 in the log viewer
- Updated FieldMap properties files.
- Gauge digits expression from ini works on the fly
- BitField Formatting will be taken from ini file if matching field available
- Error checking for DataLogField names starting with a mathematical operator
- Fix several areas not translating
- Updated SD Selector messages
- Scale Custom Channel editor tree for high DPI
- Scale 3D tuning Divider for high DPI
- Recover from unexpected RuntimeRead size. (Reported by James)
- Changed Internet check to only pass if it read a byte instead of failing to connect. 
- Better sizing balance on Curve Graphs when X-Y Plotting is turned on.
- Fix Tuning Panel not showing  when it was last visible in in the Graph tab
- Catch FileNotFoundException in CAN Devices Settings Widget
- Fix re-bin axis, truncation of digits on edit, paste and interpolate
- Fix re-bin axis, setting value to that of last edited axis value
- Fix lost Selection on right click of re-bin axis
- Show Mini-Term parsing send box on all dev editions
- Added MoveToLeftDashAction and MoveToRightDashAction
- Brought back prompt to browse for ini when server doesn't have one.
- Download INI files when Internet becomes available, cache it locally.
- Generate any missing formula based DataLog Field entries if all needed fields are available. 
- Support for dynamically changing Table and dialog titles with String Functions
- Increased supported iniSpec to 3.63
- Fix Sending blockout not going away with few bytes updated using XCP


2019-01-07 - Released for auto-update

- Fix: New TuneView Tab won't move left until saved
- Include DataLogField Selector (MS3 SD Card Fields) offset and len in msqpart.
- Added support for Delete Example project on 1st project create.
Fix for MS3 SD log transformation, Created "Wonked" values for some fields.

2018-12-26 - Released for auto-update

- Fix / Workaround for MS3 128 byte SD logs having a 2 byte shift in index for 2nd header block.

2018-12-19 - Released for auto-update and installer

- Use same size font when editing X&Y table bins as used displaying
- Stop Gauge float down as soon as goes online.
- added VE Analyze reset button.
- For tables using direct entry on multiple cells, the value is not sent to the controller until cell selection change, any other key action is taken  or UI visible state changes
- Added logging of all variables in an expression when a math error is raised.
- Added properties based dashboard throttling parameters.

2018-12-04 - Released for auto-update and installer

- Suppress Config Error warnings during log file playback.
- Fix MS3 SD Logs transformation when 128 byte blocks and GPS interleave is active.
- Allow IndexLayout CurveGraphs to be shown on LogViewer Tuning pane.
- Changed flow for adding new Tune View, now Name is given after.
- Reduced duplicative logged messages while trying to go online.
- Embedded LogViewer now uses gauge limits as default Min/Max when available.
- Improved Full application log playback to include formula channels 
- Fix Double Key Events on Graph Panel
- Use DAQ timestamp with XCP for logs.
- Added DHCP Server to direct cable connections with XCP Ethernet
- Fix to missing UDP data recovery
- Updated XCP Protocol Stats to include CRC match and fail counts.


2018-10-22 - Released for auto-update and installer

- Added Quick Views to Ultra LogViewer
- Improved Full Application Playback in Ultra
- Improved Internet detection timeout when no internet.
- Added auto launch of TeamViewer for support
- Added support for TuneViews embedded in ini file.
- Fix to MegaSquirt CRC checking
- Added Tooltip with equivalent psi and inHg on all table Y axis where the units are kPa
- Reorder Log Viewer readouts to run alpha to-to-bottom col by col.
- Multi-Cell direct entry on 2D tables
- Embedded log viewer supports auto-hiding selectors similar to MLV
- Additional handling of high DPI screens
- Added Protocol Stats for XCP protocol
- Made scalar settings update digits on the fly when using expression based digits.
- Improved Resize table inputs to use tables instead of individual inputs.
- Fix to Free floating active highlight on CurveGraph
- Increased number of pages for Ignition loggers to 250
- Composite logger skips large time gaps and places a vertical yellow marker.
- Altered Gauge Category ordering to honor ini.
- Added support for Event triggers on go oof/online. i.e. stop data log on go offline.
- LogViewer selectors let you type field name to select
- Added support for portEditor expressions per pin to show iniSpec version 3.59
- Added defined Log Quick Views in ini file.
- Added data logging of Odometer
- Added option to rename data logs after downloading from SD
- Major internal refactoring of UI packaging
- Fix selecting proper row on composite log viewer click
- Fix in MlvLgDataLogger, the Queuing stream was writing duplicate records.
- Added Log Position readouts in TS when not on the logging tab.
- Added more hotkeys, resolved conflict between MLV and TS hot keys to advance or go back a record with log loaded.

2017-12-02 - Released for auto-update as beta.
Playback of HighSpeed & Ignition Logs.
Full Application playback of log files
Fixes to Log trace selector in Ultra integrate log viewer when using Night Shade L&F
Added Field Limits for X-Y Plot view on High Speed Logger
Updated Icons
Fix for burn sent when no writes
UDP_Stream High Speed logger now supported
Resizable tables now supported fully, with insert Column, Insert Row, Del Row, Del Column and interpolated resize.
MLVLG binary Logging format supported. This will be the preferred logging format going forward.
Fix saving restore points when no change occurred.

2017-07-27 - Ported MLV's Field Limit Editor to Ultra's integrated Log Viewer
2017-05-24 - Added Units to tool tips in Log Viewer read outs.
2017-05-16 - Auto index MS3 SD internalFields
2017-05-16 - Sort Restore points by date and filter to selected controller.
2017-05-08 - Support for CAN Controllers in Tuning Views


Completed for next release:


2017-07-20 - Released 3.0.28 for auto-update and download as beta.


2017-07-189 - Add timeout on autoupdate downloads.
2017-07-18 - Fix honoring controllerPriority flag on bit fields while loading msq.
2017-07-12 - Fix Power and Torque not generated from SD log file.


2017-07-10 - Released 3.0.27 for auto-update and download as beta.


2017-07-10 - Add workaround for JRE crash with Windows Creator Edition
2017-07-08 - Changed Difference Report difference detection for proper precision
2017-07-08 - Added titles for Tables and Curves on Difference Reports.


2017-06-26 - Released 3.0.26 for auto-update and download as beta.

2017-06-15 - Make sure controller all data is taken any time there is no changes sent on a difference report
2017-06-07 - insure data log field names are unique.
2017-06-06 - Difference Reports don't overlook std_injection dialog.


2017-05-31 - Released 3.0.23 for auto-update and download as beta.

2017-05-31 - TuneView Selector now shows children menus
2017-05-31 - Logging Profiles: Respect which ECU field is disabled in projects with CAN devices.
2017-05-31 - Triggered Logging: Set StopTrigger to not triggered when manually starting a log so the log will start even if the stop trigger condition is true. This way it will not stop logging until the stop trigger becomes false, then true again.
2017-05-31 - Fix Firmware loader not recognizing MShift as MS2..
2017-05-26 - Fix "No Time Column Found" error in loop..
2017-05-25 - Put Specific Component name in new component in Custom Channel editor.
2017-05-25 - Fill white spaces with _ for component names in Custom Channel editor.
2017-05-25 - Sort tree components by alphabet on Custom Channel editor.
2017-05-25 - Added Fuel Flow in cc/min and lph as data log fields.
2017-05-24 - Fix blockingFactor to consider command size on writes.
2017-05-24 - Fix blockingFactor writeChunk for remote controllers.
2017-05-16 - Fix userSpeedMPH not enabling tire size and gear ratio settings on MS2 and MS1 in Perf & Economy
2017-05-15 - Fix Signature Mis-Match Connect Anyway
2017-05-08 - Fix hang when changing GPS Connection settings


2017-04-28 - Released 3.0.22 for auto-update and download as beta and stable.

2017-04-28 - Fix Difference Report comparing 1 digit more than set precision on F32's.
2017-04-28 - Disabled parsed ini caching.

2017-04-26 - Released 3.0.21 for download as beta and stable. Autoupdate all platforms beta, Linux only on Stable.

Note: No code changes from 3.0.20. This release only impacts Linux users running a 1.7 JRE as 1.8 JRE's are bundled with the OS X and Windows installers.

2017-04-26 - Recompiled against 1.7 JRE libraries.


2017-04-25 - Released 3.0.20 for auto-update and download as beta and stable.

- 2017-04-25 - Increased timeout to 250ms after F Command as older firmwares require 200ms before responding.
- 2017-04-24 - Added Debug Package under Help menu.
- 2017-04-24 - MS2 and MS3 will accept TPS calibration changes when offline.


2017-04-06 - Released Beta for auto-update and download

- 2017-04-19 - Proper description of MS3-Pro Ultimate in Firmware file list.
- 2017-04-19 - Fix Firmware loader selecting proper s19 for MS3-Pro Ultimate
- 2017-04-19 - Firmware Loader always checks Monitor Version if the M command is available.
- 2017-04-18 - Fix TS not finding MegaLogViewer on OS X.
- 2017-04-17 - Added Bluetooth Direct to Lite edition.
- 2017-04-17 - Check registration against alternate products upon failure.
- 2017-04-17 - Added D2XX to Lite edition.
- 2017-04-17 - Use JRE Base64 when available (1.8+) for faster inmage and font encode/decode .
- 2017-04-13 - Made mouse wheel increment/decrement on 3D tables.
- 2017-04-12 - Filter project backups from project backups.


2017-04-06 - Released Beta for auto-update

- 2017-04-05 - Fixes to MS3 SD retry
- 2017-04-05 - Added cancel button for SD downloads
- 2017-04-05 - Cached Dashboards initialize VP monitors
- 2017-04-05 - No reset on ControllerInterface when downloading SD
- 2017-03-27 - Mouse Wheel adjusts table values.
- 2017-03-27 - On 2D Table added a reset to starting value on the right click menu.
- 2017-03-27 - Fix Fat Needle issue in Log Viewer
- 2017-03-27 - Fix Can't see navigation buttons on Ignition Log Viewer when using Night Shade Look & feel
- 2017-03-22 - Handle Stack Trace from VE Analyze panel


2017-03-15 - Released Beta for auto-update and installer

- 2017-03-15 - Fix issue with configuration caching effecting MS1
- 2017-03-03 - Fix dashboard invalid when importing a fresh project.


2017-02-28 - Released Beta for auto-update (Developer Edition only)

- Dashboard caching for faster project load
- Parsed ini caching for faster project load.
- Faster log start.


2017-01-16 - Released 3.0.18 for auto-update and download as beta and stable.

- 2017-01-30 - Fix Dashboard selector not painting correctly sometimes..
- 2017-01-30 - Fix for OS X, App window gone when leaving full screen dash.
- 2017-01-24 - Fix Unhandled exception on save current tune / Restore points on OS X and Linux
- 2017-01-24 - Fix Signature Mismatch dialog showing up very short on OS X
- 2017-01-17 - Firmware Loader properly selects MS3 Ultimate


2017-01-16 - Released 3.0.17 for auto-update and download as beta and stable. (MS3 SD Format disabled in stable)
-2017-01-16 - Fix gauge Images not showing on OS X.
-2017-01-16 - Select only new gauges on Copy/Paste in designer mode.


2017-01-12 - Released for auto-update and download as beta

-2017-01-12 - MS3 SD log transformation allows 3 Magic number or timestamp errors before ending.
-2017-01-11 - Added support for ini attribute indicatorPanel
-2017-01-11 - Added Format SD card for MS3.
-2017-01-11 - Fix Connection Type changing in Manual Comm settings for firmware loader.
-2017-01-09 - Fix Graph Panel not initialized on 1st SD log opening.
-2017-01-03 - Prevent byte concatenation when timing out getting firmwareInfo.

2016-12-19 - Released 3.0.16 for auto-update and download as beta and stable
-2016-12-19 - Fix Gauge Invalid cross out not showing when in layered paint mode.
-2016-12-19 - Fix DAQ Updates with XCP protocol.
-2016-12-17 - Apply translations to lower help pane.
-2016-12-17 - Fix UnDo / Redo.


2016-12-14 - Released 3.0.15 for auto-update and download as beta and stable
-2016-12-14 - Fix fullscreen on OS X 10.12.
-2016-12-14 - Autoupdate now checks md5 checksum after download and will resume partially downloaded files..
-2016-12-14 - Correct Port Editor offsets when they are set to an invalid value.
-2016-12-13 - Updated Firmware loader to recognize MS3-Pro Ultimate
-2016-12-02 - Cleanup .efianalytics folder on Linux, move contents to .efiAnalytics/.
-2016-11-30 - Fix MS3 SD not including Time Field.
-2016-11-30 - Fix MS3 Going offline when pressing Undo if runtime channels changed.

2016-11-18 - Released for auto-update as beta

-2016-11-18 - Attempt to fix random thread lock issue
-2016-11-18 - Save project.properties only once. A double save was sometimes cause the back up not to save.
-2016-11-17 - Dynamically sized tables do not require re-opening.
-2016-11-16 - Dev edition Controller RAM Editor active, allows realtime editing and display of raw controller data..


2016-11-16 - Released for auto-update as beta

-2016-11-16 - Refresh controller data on PortEditor open.
-2016-11-15 - Fix to PortEditor correcting invalid values on open.


2016-11-03 - Released 3.0.14 for auto-update and download as beta and stable

-2016-11-10 - Fix: Table data not updating after getting a difference report.
-2016-11-10 - Fix: Firmware loader not erasing top sector for MS3 1.5 firmware
-2016-11-10 - Make label blink while detecting hardware in firmware loader.


2016-11-07 - Released for auto-update as beta
- 2016-11-07 - Added Help bubble button to the Signature Mis-Match dialog.
- 2016-11-06 - Added Help text to bottom of settings dialogs.
- 2016-11-05 - Added Help bubble button to the Ignition Logger.
- 2016-11-05 - Added Table for Data View on ignition Logger.



2016-11-04 - Released for auto-update as beta
- 2016-11-04 - Honor SD Card GPS interleaving flag.


2016-11-03 - Released 3.0.12 for auto-update and download as beta and stable

- 2016-11-03 - Fix for MS1 always read full page as commands do not support partial page read.
- 2016-11-03 - Firmware loader detect MS1 properly and notify not supported.


2016-10-31 - Released 3.0.11 for auto-update and download as beta

- 2016-10-31 - Made Quick trace select optional in TS Ultra log viewer
- 2016-10-31 - TS Ultra log viewer will open multiple files after SD Download
- 2016-10-31 - Dev Edition will not accept signatures over 40 characters long or starting with a null char.
- 2016-10-31 - Fix: Some conditions led to JSSC Com Port not being closed properly.
- 2016-10-30 - Made Quick Trace Selection optional for the Ultra graphing view.
- 2016-10-29 - Added Save Log Data button to Ignition Logger..
- 2016-10-28 - Added Odometer and TS Speed to data log.
- 2016-10-28 - Fix: Odometer & Trip Meter looses distance when data log started.
- 2016-10-28 - Fix: Difference Reports showing TS data for both Local and Controller data with tables nested in panels
- 2016-10-27 - Fix issue with CAN Device Properties hanging
- 2016-10-27 - Fill unallocated space in constants
- 2016-10-27 - CTRL key ends multi-select in 2D tables.
- 2016-10-26 - Integer ini parameters support using hex string inputs as opposed to only base 10.
- 2016-10-21 - Save backup of project.properties auto restore on corruption.
- 2016-10-17 - Fix Dashboard label painting when in layered paint mode.
- 2016-10-19 - Fix Project Properties labels missing on settings tab with night shade Look & Feel.


2016-010-14 - Released for auto-update and download as beta

- 2016-10-13 - Read only portion of page needed instead of full page on dialog open.
- 2016-10-13 - Error checking with retries added to auto update.
- 2016-10-07 - Fix CurveGraph exception with no registration.
- 2016-10-07 - Added support for X & Y Label in TableEditors
- 2016-10-02 - Added Video Driver option to use Java default on Windows Use D3D


2016-09-14 - Released for auto-update as beta

- 2016-09-26 - Enable Automatic update Check in non-registered version.
- 2016-09-26 - Altered Linux Hardware ID detections.
- 2016-09-26 - Fix to JSSC InputStream over-run handling
- 2016-09-24 - Select Gauge Component on add


2016-09-22 - Released 3.0.10 for auto-update and download as beta and stable

- 2016-09-22 - Added support for nested #define.

- 2016-09-21 - Fix in MS1Extra ini file, ignition settings were disabled.



2016-09-20 - Released 3.0.09 for auto-update and download as beta and stable

- 2016-09-19 - incresed time between connection attempts to 400ms for JSSC and D2XX
- 2016-09-19 - Renamed "Recent Car Projects" to "Recent Vehicle Projects"
- 2016-09-19 - Fix: Supplemental channels not loaded in dashonly mode.


2016-09-14 - Released 3.0.08 for auto-update and download as beta

- 2016-09-14 - If ini is encrypted, the msq will always be encrpted as well.
- 2016-09-12 - Ignore page attribute in menu definition if not there..
- 2016-09-12 - Added filter Restore Points to Create Project Backup.

- 2016-09-11 - Fix Data Log Field Editor allowing empty field name.
- 2016-09-11 - Fix Data Log Field Name not updating on tree when edited.


2016-09-09 - Released 3.0.07 for auto-update and download as beta

- 2016-09-08 - Fix High CPU usage in Comms.
- 2016-09-08 - Handle MS3 going offline after a controller powercycle with highspeed runtime enabled.
- 2016-09-08 - Altered Delay of reads with small blockingFactor.
- 2016-09-01 - Fix Error when invalid connector assigned in port editor.
- 2016-09-01 - Add Disable D3D video driver work around

- 2016-09-01 - Add support for #define lists to be used with bit fields.
- 2016-09-01 - Add support for read only oddArray ParamClass.

- 2016-08-29 - Fix Cluster Demo in Load Gauge Cluster dialog.

2016-08-26 - Released 3.0.06 for auto-update and download as beta

- 2016-08-22 - Fix Config Error dialog repeatedly comes up.
- 2016-08-16 - Fix library reference in manifest for CurveGraph fitting.
- 2016-08-16 - Fix Custom Filter not working in VE Analyze.

- 2016-08-10 - Force proper digits on Lambda Delay and TS internal AFR table.
- 2016-08-09 - Prevent file signature detection from finding corrupt msq firmwareInfo as signature.


2016-08-08 - Released 3.0.05 for auto-update and download as beta and stable

- 2016-08-08 - Altered offline Trial Registration rollback logic.


2016-08-04 - Released 3.0.04 for auto-update and download as beta

- 2016-08-04 - Added Deadlock monitor.
- 2016-08-04 - Fix small font on MS3 MAF Curve.
- 2016-08-04 - Support BluetoothMode in JSSC driver on Windows (Already supported on OSX and Linux).
- 2016-08-04 - Fix Linux Browser not launching
- 2016-08-04 - Added abs function to Expression edito list.
- 2016-08-04 - Added min() and max() function support.
- 2016-08-04 - Fix issue with exponential scalar on F32 data type.


2016-07-28 - Released 3.0.03 for auto-update and download as beta and stable

- 2016-07-26 - Fix, Difference report showing disabled dialogs.

2016-07-21 - Released 3.0.02 for auto-update and download as beta

- 2016-07-20 - Adjust font sizing smaller on 1D and 2D tables to prevent ...
- 2016-07-20 - Added support for OutputChannel and full expressions on LogFieldSelector
- 2016-07-18 - Fix to Avg MPG Gauge


2016-07-13 - Released 3.0.01 for auto-update and download as beta and stable.

- 2016-07-12 - Removed Persist Channel from Channel editor. It was not implemented that way, you use the persistAccumulate() function.

- 2016-07-12 - Support paste email into registration dialog.
- 2016-07-12 - Make paste into 2D table skip empty cells for data copied from MLV Histograms.
- 2016-07-11 - Improved GPS reconnect on unexpected connection loss.
- 2016-07-11 - Changed GPS Active Indicator off verbiage to "GPS No Fix"


2016-07-09 - 3.0.00 Released to Stable - Download only

- No Changes from 2.9.129


2016-07-05 - 2.9.129 Released as Release Candidate 5 - Download and Auto Update to beta users

- 2016-07-05 - Prevent inactive 1D arrays from validating limits against inactive remapped Constants. (IOx Generic PWM Issue)
- 2016-07-05 - Fix: SD Card Field changes not showing up on Difference Reports.


2016-07-01 - 2.9.128 Released as Auto Update to beta users

- 2016-07-01 - Handle UnsatisfiedLinkError for off beat RasPi Linux Distros.

- 2016-06-30 - Fixes to odometer.

- 2016-06-30 - Fix Datalog indicator going out when going offline.


2016-06-24 - 2.9.127 Released as Release Candidate 4 - Download and Auto Update to beta users

- 2016-06-24 - Fix incorrect Lambda sensor reference on Trim Table Analyze
- 2016-06-21 - Fix font scaling issue with CurveGraph on high dpi screens.


2016-06-16 - 2.9.126 Released as Release Candidate 3 - Download and Auto Update to beta users

- 2016-06-16 - Fix OS X opening wrong right click menu on Gauge Clusters in TuneView Designer mode.
- 2016-06-16 - Fix Fail-over Persistent Channel persistor Thread gone wild.. High CPU Usage.
- 2016-06-15 - Added missing MS2e Dashboards


2016-06-14 - 2.9.124 Released as Release Candidate 2 - Download and Auto Update to beta users

- 2016-06-14 - Handle Detection error when on platform no supporting D2XX
- 2016-06-14 - Fix non-fullscreen window placement on newer OS X
- 2016-06-13 - Fix black screen when full screen on newer OS X

- 2016-06-13 - Fix not prompting on dirty secondary dashboards

- 2016-06-13 - Fixed error using userSpeedMph with MS3

- 2016-06-10 - Added Odometer, and trip meters remember last value until reset.
- 2016-06-10 - Simple Linear Channel editor assumes input of volts that are converted to ADC.
- 2016-06-10 - Fixed numerous UI issues with Custom ini editor
- 2016-06-10 - Fixed inc file copy error in Custom Channel inc file Editor


2016-06-08 - 2.9.123 Released as Release Candidate 1b - Auto Update to beta users

- 2016-06-08 - Fix for inverted table Y Axis.


2016-06-08 - 2.9.122 Released as Release Candidate 1a - Auto Update to beta users

- 2016-06-08 - Load main controllers custom.ini after CAN devices so expressions in custom.ini can reference CAN Devices.
- 2016-06-07 - Burn Button always enabled, when burn is needed a burn ICON becomes enabled on the button.

- 2016-06-07 - Insure tune gets saved when accepting an Auto-Update.

- 2016-06-07 - Search box includes results from CAN devices.


2016-06-06 - 2.9.121 Released as Release Candidate 1 - Download and Auto Update to beta users

- 2016-06-06 - Created OS X app and DMG installer
- 2016-06-06 - Updated bundled ini files
- 2016-06-06 - Updated OS X Restart to use bundled JRE if available.
- 2016-06-06 - updated splash screen.
- 2016-06-02 - Added additional Error Reporting if the project thermfactor.inc file is not writable.
- 2016-06-02 - Fix Signature mis-match and Comm settings initially incorrect on new project creation.
- 2016-05-31 - Correct CAN device going online when maincontroller unavailable
- 2016-05-31 - Error showing Ultra Graph View with unknown firmware.
- 2016-05-31 - Fix Indicators not always toggling in Demo mode.


2016-05-27 - 2.9.120 Released as Beta - Download and Auto Update

- 2016-05-24 - Exit Edit mode on vertical 1D tables when pressing tab or enter
- 2016-05-24 - Fix not selelecting cell when clicking another cell while in direct edit mode on 1D table.
- 2016-05-20 - Added Bluetooth over RS232 driver for OS X and Linux. This is the standard RS232 driver but with timings to improve Bluetooth.

- 2016-05-19 - Fix for Invalid Indicator cross out color. It was showing an XOR color too easy.
- 2016-05-19 - Fixed read timeout issue when loading firmware over TCP/IP
- 2016-05-19 - Fixed Firmware Version Info getting updated on signature mis-match


2016-05-18 - 2.9.118 Released as Beta - Download and Auto Update

- Added MS1 HiRes Tuning Views
- Support for MS3 1.5+ Firmware loader full erase

From TunerStudio 2.6 to the 2.9 releases there was approximately 80k lines of code added, so as you can imagine there is too much to detail here. Thus this high level list of changes is provided and now moving toward a stable release, detailed changes will be tracked.


Key new features since 2.6.x:


- Integrated Firmware Loader
- Direct Bluetooth Connections
- Dashboard Enhancements
- New Default Dashboard Skin
- Unlimited size Difference Reports
- Designer Mode Improvements
- Scaling for high DPI Screens
- Support 128 Byte MS3 SD Logs
- Curve Graph Editing Tools
- New 1d Array Editor
- Multi-select Curve Graph
- Add Custom Channel Wizard
- Custom Channel Editor
- Simplified Comm Settings
- Trim Table Auto Tune*
- Integrated LogViewer*
- Tuning and Dyno Views*
- X-Y Plotting on Curve Graphs*

*Available in TunerStudio MS Ultra