TunerStudio Dashboards

It has been a year since the release of TunerStudio 1.0, and now after extensive beta testing TunerStudio MS 2.0 has been released. There been many new features and performance improvements since 1.0, making it the most refined TunerStudio ever!

Download the TunerStudio 2.0 installer from:

or wait for the auto update which will be available within the week.

Other new level features since 1.0:

  • VE & AFR Table Generators
  • Multi-Language Support. Currently supporting 19 languages, with more upon request.
  • Contextual Help Support - A small ? icon next to any setting that can have help for that specific setting.
  • Check for ini on Internet, if setting up a new Project and you don't have the ini file, TunerStudio will check with the EFI Analytics servers.
  • Automatic Restore Points - All of your tune settings are automatically saved on key events. This allows you to look through your history and pull up different reports or load an older tune any time you want.
  • Difference report improvements. More & Clearer Options. Restore points automatically saved when accepting changes to your tune.
  • Notes Log. Maintain a log of notes related to the tune, they are saved with your msq.
  • Multi-Line Curve Graph Support
  • Curve Graph Baselines
  • VE Analyze updated for all current and upcoming firmwares
  • Power Cycle Required Monitor
  • Data Logging Indicator
  • Improved Detect
  • Recent Projects List
  • Smoother Gauge Movement
  • Settings Configuration Error monitor
  • Thorough validation of ini file and tune settings on msq load.
  • New MS3 protocol support
  • MS3 SD Log Reader ( 1.1 firmware required )
  • Improved Ignition Logger Options and rendering
  • Lower CPU usage.
  • And hundreds more changes as listed in the change log