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2018-12-17 4.3.22 released as Stable for Windows and Linux + Auto update

- Fix not saving msq for MSII B&G Firmware
- Make X&Y fields read only for for older firmwares that cannot be saved properly.
- Save & load Scatter Plot Views
- Select all on gain focus in ScatterPlot MinMax fields
- Use same size font when editing X&Y table bins as used displaying
- Fix Min's and Maxes not applied to Standardized Name Fields.

2018-11-29 4.3.21 released as Stable for Windows and Linux + Auto update

Changes since 4.3.18:
- Added Lambda Delay Table to VE Analyze
- Made Zoom more fine grained
- Replace selected text when using CTRL+Shift for formula editing
- Pressing mouse wheel switched page /zoom function
- Write unsmoothed values on log export
- Fix for MS1 VE Analyze using AFR instead of AFR(WBO2)
- Fix VE Analyze Default input field selection
- Fix random change of scale.
- Fix MinMax not being applied to fields with smoothing on.
- Fix ATan math function
- Fix scaling issues for Haltech logs