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MegaMeet 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Phil Tobin   
Monday, 12 October 2015 10:03


2015 MegaMeet thumb

Less that 1 week left!
MegaMeet 2015 is almost here! October 17 in Mooresville North Carolina.
Demonstration, Tech sessions, Music and hanging out with fellow MegaSquirt users.
Product updates by DIYAutoTune.com and EFI Source
Everything about Widebands by Bruce Bowling
Live Sessions on Dyno Tuning your MegaSquirt by Wes Kiser
Log File patterns by Andy Whittle
TunerStudio 3.0 by Phil Tobin



2015 MegaMeet Flyer sm

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Introducing Shadow Dash MS PDF Print E-mail
Written by Phil Tobin   
Friday, 05 October 2012 10:01


shadow dash79 msShadow Dash MS for Android

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Once again MegaSquirt tuning software stands in front of competitors. All new Shadow Dash MS provides not only mobile logging via your Android phone or tablet, but now the dashboards you have appreciated with TunerStudio have been brought to your Android phone or tablet as well. Actually TunerStudio dashboards with additional support for images in indicators and gauges. (Yes that is coming to TunerStudio too)

Released for Final Round Beta Testing, Android dashboards and data logging with style.

  • TunerStudio Dashboard Style and flexibility
  • Shadow Logger simplicity
  • Runs on you Android Phone or Tablet
  • MSL format data logging
  • Save & load with normal msq tune files
  • Support for all MegaSquirt Firmwares
  • Slide between 4 Dashboards that are open at all times
  • Android Sensor data (GPS, Accelerometer, Magnetic, etc)
  • HUD Mode
  • Support for Android 2.3 and up.

Watch the introduction video



Connects via Bluetooth to RS232 Adapter or an FTDI Based Micro USB to RS232 cable. 



This may look like a TunerStudio Dashboard, but it isn't TunerStudio, this screenshot is from Android!


Download Now


Look close and you will notice the addition of accelerometer and speedometer data.


Download Now



Enable Unknown Sources

Before attempting a manual installation of apps using the .apk files, you must first allow your phone to install from “Unknown Sources” (i.e. non-Play apps).

To do this, navigate to  Settings -> Security and check the box marked “Unknown Sources“.

You can then run the .apk file from any file manager and you will have the Shadow Logger MS icon available with your applications.

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TunerStudio MS 2.0 Released! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Phil Tobin   
Sunday, 10 June 2012 10:32
TunerStudio Dashboards

It has been a year since the release of TunerStudio 1.0, and now after extensive beta testing TunerStudio MS 2.0 has been released. There been many new features and performance improvements since 1.0, making it the most refined TunerStudio ever!

Download the TunerStudio 2.0 installer from:

or wait for the auto update which will be available within the week.

Other new level features since 1.0:

  • VE & AFR Table Generators
  • Multi-Language Support. Currently supporting 19 languages, with more upon request.
  • Contextual Help Support - A small ? icon next to any setting that can have help for that specific setting.
  • Check for ini on Internet, if setting up a new Project and you don't have the ini file, TunerStudio will check with the EFI Analytics servers.
  • Automatic Restore Points - All of your tune settings are automatically saved on key events. This allows you to look through your history and pull up different reports or load an older tune any time you want.
  • Difference report improvements. More & Clearer Options. Restore points automatically saved when accepting changes to your tune.
  • Notes Log. Maintain a log of notes related to the tune, they are saved with your msq.
  • Multi-Line Curve Graph Support
  • Curve Graph Baselines
  • VE Analyze updated for all current and upcoming firmwares
  • Power Cycle Required Monitor
  • Data Logging Indicator
  • Improved Detect
  • Recent Projects List
  • Smoother Gauge Movement
  • Settings Configuration Error monitor
  • Thorough validation of ini file and tune settings on msq load.
  • New MS3 protocol support
  • MS3 SD Log Reader ( 1.1 firmware required )
  • Improved Ignition Logger Options and rendering
  • Lower CPU usage.
  • And hundreds more changes as listed in the change log
Last Updated on Sunday, 10 June 2012 10:36
Pay Attention to the Tuning Software! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Phil Tobin   
Friday, 01 July 2011 18:52

Fuel Injection is as simple or complicated as the tools you use to work with it.

This sounds obvious, but is so often over looked when deciding what fuel injection controller to buy.  It just doesn’t matter how good the fuel injection controller is if it has poor software for you to work with. Imagine you have the perfect after market fuel injection controller for your car, it has every option you ever see yourself needing, this Engine management System can control a 16 cylinder sequential injection engine with coil on plug ignition while managing a 6 speed automatic transmission. It does this with a monster 10GHz processor that can make every calculation perfect without even using a fraction of it’s resources. This is Great! BUT, think about it. It is only going to do what it is told to do by you as you set it up; And you can only do what you know by what you see the engine asking for.

The most important part of a fuel injection controller is you getting the information and being able to correct problems or take advantage of opportunities based on what YOUR engine is doing. Not reading about someone else’s engine, but getting the information directly from your engine, then having your engine information analyzed for problems, improvements and opportunities. This is just taking advantage of modern technology, yet it just doesn’t happen with the majority of fuel injection controllers available today at any price. You can spend $5000 on a fuel injection system and be left with unimaginably primitive software for you to see what it is doing or for you to correct it.

How does this happen you might ask? I know I did when I started looking at what was available from the majority of aftermarket EFI controllers, including some big names and what would otherwise be great products. The vast majority of aftermarket controllers have either extremely basic software or software that was designed by the guy who made the controller, so it all makes great sense to him after working with it day in and day out for hundreds or thousands of hours. You don't want to waste those hours yourself, you want to tune your car! Even more often limitations have just been accepted when they didn’t need to be. So even those experts are stuck working with limited information. The development of high caliber tuning software is a very different process and skill set than the development of the controller itself.

Don’t fall victim to selecting a stand alone controller without heavily considering the tuning software you will have to work with. Before buying any fuel injection Controller:

  • Make sure the software can data log the information you need. It may mean every field you can think of or running a data log during an entire 3 hour rally race.
  • Check the user interface to be clean,  simple to navigate and bug free. This is an area that commonly suffers and you see many cobbled together applications.
  • Make sure the software identifies problems and offers guidance
  • Make sure it runs on the computer you need it to run on.
  • Make sure it easily lets you review and adjust your tune while the car isn't around.
  • Is management of tune files easy?
  • Can you easily compare changes to the tune and settings at different points in time?
  • Compare the features of the software, whether it is dashboard display, data log capture and viewing, Auto tuning, diagnostics, etc.
  • Auto tuning is not a check box. Very few work. Yet a good auto tune can tune better than any human can.

Don’t for a second think that because you pay a premium price, you will get the premium software, it just doesn’t work that way. You should always try the software before you buy an EFI controller. Your fuel injection experience is only as simple as the software you use to interact with it.

If you and your PC side software can not clearly see and understand what your engine is doing, it will simply never run to potential.

Last Updated on Friday, 30 December 2011 01:18
Vehicle Performance, Drivability & Efficiency. Simplified! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Phil Tobin   
Thursday, 28 January 2010 09:29


In today's world, a mechanics most important tools are no longer found in their toolbox. Just think, in the 1980's Top Fuel dragsters made about 2500 hp using a 500 cubic inch ( 8.2 Liter) Aluminum Hemi headed engine, as amazing as this might sound, today this same displacement and very similar looking hemi headed engines are making over 10,000 hp! Why? It is a matter of optimizing all aspects of the engine to improving efficiency. This demands the tools to gather data to understand what is happening inside the engine at the completely and identify opportunities to improve efficiency. Together TunerStudio and MegaLogViewer bring you the power to capture, view and analyze vehicle data as your engine produces it, then act upon it. These easy to use applications simplify making changes and even offer recommendations and automatic correction using data analytics at a level that is not offered by any other automotive tuning solutions.

Try TunerStudio Now!

Download TunerStudioMS
Or Learn More about TunerStudioMS
Last Updated on Wednesday, 31 August 2016 07:36

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