Connect, tune and data log through your dashboard!

With the Dash Echo Server, you can connect TunerStudio or more dashboards to your primary dashboard over WiFi or EtherNet.

What does this mean

If you install 1 primary dashboard that is connected directly to your ECU, by activating the ECU Hub, now you can tune with TunerStudio without disconnecting your dash. In fact, you can connect multiple TunerStudio instances and/or multiple secondary dashboards.

How it works

The Dash Echo Server built into the TS Dash software provides a connection point for 1 or more clients allowing TunerStudio and other dashboards to connect to TS Dash as clients instead of directly to the ECU. By using a protocol that is far more efficient over wireless connections, there is minimal loss in data rates even when several clients are connected. Any changes to the tune are published back to all connected clients. Say, laptop #1 starts making changes to the VE table, if you open the VE table on Laptop #2, you will see the changes happen right in front of you. The ECU continues to only see the 1 primary dashboard connected.

Single Seat Dash Echo Key

                             Three Seat Dash Echo Key


Requires TunerStudio for full functionality.