If you want to check out some of the latest additions to Shadow Dash like FTDI USB and WiFi Connectivity or High Speed runtime on firmwares that support it, you can install the Shadow Dash MS beta. With the High Speed runtime supported by MS3 1.3, you will see a significant increase in data rate with USB or Bluetooth. Using USB you can get over 100 reads/second!

* Note due to a minor bug in 1.3 alpha 7, High Speed runtime does not work with EAE Wall fuel gauges. This has been resolved for the 1.3 alpha 8 firmware release.

**f running MS3 1.3 alpha, you must use the beta Shadow Dash MS. There are ini attributes used by this newest firmware that are not understood by version 1.0.


To get the beta

EFI Analytics Registered Users

If you registered through EFI Analytics, simply download the beta from the TunerStudio beta download site:


Once installed, there is now an auto update to keep you up to date as new beta version become available.


Google Play Purchasers

For users that purchased through Google play, you will need to join the Google group "EFI Analytics Beta Testers".

To join the group go to:


in the search box type EFI Analytics Beta Testers

Join that group.

You will then need to wait until you are approved in the group, this is usually less than a day.


Once accepted into that group, you will go to :


to turn on and off receiving beta updates. It can take some time before things replicate between Google Servers, commonly several hours. Then you will see the update in the Play store.