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You have been here, we have too. Whether while tuning a car on the dyno where time is precious and expensive, or sitting in the passenger seat, your time is important and you need to be effective. TunerStudio MS Ultra takes all the tool and pulls them together in one place with an Integrated Log Viewer, Dyno & Tuning Views, Trim Table Auto-tune and more.


Bringing you the powerful set of tools found in TunerStudio MS, but now even more focusing on the serious tuner.


Tuning and Dyno Views

Tuning and Dyno Views - starting with the thought out bundled views, you can then add, edit and modify these view to create a tab with every setting and gauge you need for any tuning function!


Integrated LogViewer

Integrated Log Viewer - Similar to the standard Log Viewer in MegaLogViewer, but with live trailing and trace to any table or curve in the system!


Trim table Auto-Tune


Trim Table Auto-Tune - Once you have your main table dialed in with the help of VE Analyze Live Auto-Tune, take it to the next level with individual cylinder trim auto-tune! This is set up so you don't even need to have a Wideband for every cylinder!


X-Y Plotting of log data on any 1D Curve. This is a great feature for tuning the MS3 Perfect Run Curve for traction control.

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TunerStudio 3.0 Features by Edition  Selecting the TunerStudio Edition for you



Starting with TunerStudio 3.0 there are 3 Editions with progressively more features. Below is a high level summary of each Edition, followed by a more detailed Feature Matrix.


TunerStudio MS Lite! - This is offered to the community for free and allows you to connect to your MegaSquirt and change the calibration settings in the controller. It will let you capture and datalog runtime data but is limited to 15 records per second. The is a single 8 gauge dash with selectable gauges.


TunerStudio MS (Registered) - This is the 1st level upgrade offering many additional features including VE Analyze Live - Tune For you, multiple tabbed dashboards, facy dashboards, a dashboard designer, Multi Select 1d Curves and tables, Additional Connection options (Bluetooth Direct, D2XX USB, WiFi), a gammot of other tools to make you life easier getting your project up an running it's best. Most people will want to at least register for this edition!


All New:

TunerStudio MS Ultra - This is the top of the line TunerStudio for the serious tuner or enthusiast! It has all the features of the standard registered edition, but adds in an Integrated Log Viewer, Tuning and Dyno Views, Advanced Channel Editor, Trim Table Auto-Tune and More! 


TunerStudio 3.0 Feature Matrix 

Key features supported in each edition 
Features TunerStudio Lite! TunerStudio MS TunerStudio Ultra
Basic Data Logging 
Contextual Help Bubbles
Editing of all Controller Settings
Firmware Loader
Ignition & Composite Logger display
Load and Save Tune Files
Main Dash Selectable Gauges
Multiple Project Support
Offline tuning
Standard Serial Communication
Table 3D Tuning Dialog
Unlimited Length Logging
Add Channel Wizard (Simple)
Advanced Math Functions
Automatic Restore Points
Communication - Bluetooth Direct*
Communication - FTDI D2XX USB
Communication - WiFi
Compare Tune to saved tune
Contectual Settings Notes
Curve Graph Baselines
Curve Graph Tools
CurveGraph Multi-Select
Dashboard Designer
Data Log Profiles.
Data Log Triggering - Auto Logging
Enhanced 2D Table
Enhanced 3D Tuning
GPS Support
Graphical Difference Reports
High Speed (>15Hz) Logging
Ignition & Composite Logger File load
Multiple Tabbed Dashboards
Notes Log
Performance and Economy Fields
Recent Project List
Settings Search
Single Dialog Settings Save/Load
VE Analyze Live - Auto Tune
WUE Analyze - Warm up Auto Tune  
Integrated Log Viewer
Log Trailing and Playback
Trim Table AutoTune
Tuning & Dyno View Designer
Tuning & Dyno Views
Channel Editor (Simple & Advanced) 
X-Y Plotting on Curve Graphs
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TunerStudio 3.0 - Direct Bluetooth Connectivity bluetooth300

The benefits of wireless connections are clrear, no cables tying your laptop down, plus the cool factor. In the past for TunerStudio to work over Bluetooth required creating Virtual Comm Ports, unfortunately in Windows that has commonly been confusing, sometimes tedious and can vary with OS version. So to help everyone get to wireless as easily as possible and insure a very reliable connection we added something new.


Now TunerStudio supports direct Bluetooth Connectivity

No longer a need for creating Virtual Comm ports in windows. 


Paired Bluetooth Adpaters will be detected along with Comm Ports and D2XX when ever you detect, EFI Analytics BT Adapters will automatically be paired if still using the default pin. 

Direct Bluetooth works with BT Adapters talking to your MegaSquirt and Bluetooth GPS recievers, and yes both can work on Bluetooth at the same time.




Or in the Communications Settings, you can select you paired adapter:



If your Adapter is not Paired and not in the Bluetooth Device, you can pair it from right there in TunerStudio by clicking the "Pair New Adapter" button.



Then enter your PIN:



All set, ready to go with a wireless MegaSquirt and TunerStudio!


Reliabled, preconfigured Bluetooth Adapters

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TunerStudio integrated Firmware Loader New for TunerStudio 3.0 all editions!


Download The TunerStudio Beta


MS2 and MS3 owners - No need for any command line utilities loaders. TunerStudio MS has a built in firmware loader with a few new bells and whistles. Such as automatically updating your ini file and restoring your tune!




You can optionally save a backup of your project before you begin, so if for any reason you want to return to your previous firmware you will have all your settings and TunerStudio project as a backup. 
Note: The Backup does not contain the firmware itself, you will need to make sure you have that firmware to restore it to the controller.



Using the normal TunerStudio Detect, you can find your controller and install the firmware over any connection type:

- Comm Port
- Direct Bluetooth
- D2XX
- TCP/IP or WiFi





Upon Finishing, TunerStudio will optionally restore all your Tune Settings.


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TunerStudio Add Channel Editor and Wizard rip-custom-ini

Good bye to editing custom.ini files!  

Many of us have been there, you want to use a new fuel pressure sensor with your MegaSquirt. You have the data sheet for the sensor and a spare input. Or maybe you want a new field for your own tuning circumstances, a field based on a table lookup or a single bit.

They tell you no problem, MegaSquirt and TunerStudio support that! If your lucky enough to have an MS3 based ECU, you might be able to set it up without much trouble as a Generic Sensor, Great.

If that doesn't work for you, don't worry, a custom.ini file can get the job done! There is little you can't do in a custom.ini file for the hard core computer wizards, but it is like a programming language in itself.


With TunerStudio MS 3.0 that finally changes. The "Add Channel Wizard" and "Custom Channel Editor" remove the need to hand edit a custom.ini file ever again. Beeter yet, if you do have a custom ini already working, you can now edit OutputChannels, Gauge Templates and DataLog fields using nice simple user interfaces:


Add Channel Wizard

A simple 2 page wizard to add a new channel and setup how you want to view the data from the new Channel.

Page 1

The 1st page allows you to define the new Channel. If it is a typical sensor you are setting up, the simple view will likely be all you need. You can set it up as a Linear sensor by setting up the input channel(The Channel supplying the raw sensor value) and using 2 know conversion points.

AddChannelWizard Simple


If the sensor output is non-linear, you can set the input channel and supplying an inc file that maps the input values to the output values.

AddChannelWizard SimpleInc


If you need something more complex, go to Advanced mode, now you can create your own custom expression using any of TunerStudio's built in functions and operations with any OutputChannle or calibration value used as inputs. There are table functions to perform table lookups on 1D and 2D tables along with smoothing functions and all the standard math functions.

AddChannelWizard Advanced


Page 2

On Page 2 you select how you want to see your new Channel by createing a Gauge Template and/or a new DataLog field. Gauge Templates will show up on the right click menu of any dashboard allowing you to quickly change any gauge to display your new value. A DataLogField, will add your new field to be logged when ever you capture a normal datalog.



That is it, you have set up yout own custom channel that will now be part of your Project. 

But, if you want to keep going, you can add, remove, edit any of the custom channels you want using the Custom Channel editor.


Custom Channel Editor

The Custom Channel Editor gives you access to all your custom Channels, Gauges and Data Log Fields. Using this interface you can:

- Add Custom Channels

- Add Gauge Templates for custom or non custom channels

- Add DataLog Fields for custom or non custom channels


The tree on the left side will group and display all custom Channels, Gauge Templates and Data Log Fields. By Double Clicking on any tree node, the appropriate editor is brought up in the right hand work space.





Once you click the Save button, any change you made are applied real-time to your currently loaded project and will be saved to your custom.ini for the future.

Example usage

Example steps to add a data log channel to MS3 that will represent table 1 vs table 3 when doing table switching:

To see in your logs which table is active is a little tricky, but there are 2 ways to accomplish it... The TunerStudio way or the MegaLogViewer Way.
If you are using the Beta TS and Ultra,
Open the "Custom Channel Editor" under the menu:
Tools --> Custom Channel Editor"
- Right Clcik on the tree node "Output Channel"
- Select "Add Output Channel"
- Set the name to table3Active
- Click Ok
- Click the "Advanced" radio
- Set the expression:
status1 & 32 ? 1 : 0
- Click "Ok"

Now you have a channel that will be 1 when table 3 is active, 0 when not. Next we want to data log that field.
- Right click on the node "Data Log Field"
- Select "Add Data Log Field"
- Name it "VE Table 3" (This will be the name of the new field in your logs.
- For OutputChannel select your channel table3Active
- For Value Format, select: active/Inactive
- leave Enable Expression and Record lag, empty.
- Click Ok

Click the Save Icon, and close the Custom Channel Editor. Any Data Log you capture from here forward will have a field named "VE Table 3" and MegaLogViewer will display either Active or Inactive depending on state.
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TunerStudio MS Ultra - Tuning and Dyno Views  

The new Tuning & Dyno views available in TunerStudio MS Ultra allow you to build your own views with pretty much any set of gauges and settings you want on a single tab. The Idea is you can build a tab for specific types of tuning or tuning activities. Build as many tabs as you wish with a specific purpose for each view. 

Sample Tuning View

Much like the dashboards, there is a simple to use Designer Mode that is activated by right clicking or using the menu:
File --> Tuning Views --> Designer Mode


Once in designer mode, you can create an all new view or just edit an exiting view in minutes. You can add as many or few of these as needed to create the view you want:
- Settings Panel - This allows you to put any settings panel from any of the dialogs you would normally use through the menu buttons.
- Tuning Table - Similar to a Settings Panel, except this only allows Tables and Curve graphs. This is preferred for tables as it will allow you to stretch or shrink the table to the size you need with no scroll bars like the Settings Panel would have if the panel doesn't fit in the set space.
- Gauge Cluster - A standard Gauge Cluster as would be found on the front tab, but here you can add multiple and set each to just a small region.
- Table Cross Cell Cross Hair - By assigning this widget to a table, it will show how centered you are on a particular cell while tuning.
- Burn Button - Well it's a Burn Button to persist to flash.


If you create or edit a view, it is all saved to a single .tuneView file, so can easily be shared or moved to another project or computer.


For those that have been trying out the beta and the Ultra trial, you have seen the new Tuning & Dyno Views. There are some basic default Tuning Views, but I would like to get some more together before the release. MS3 probably has the best set now, so below are screen shots of the current set. Before the release, we will adapt the full default set to any of the firmwares that it is applicable and makes sense.


Here are some sample MS3 Tuning Views, with more coming.

View specialize for Dyno pulls with a large AFR readout, Main Fuel Table, a table cell targeting widget and all the Gauges and readouts you would want for a dyno session. Some additional thought was put in here to insure these gauges will blair red at you in situations where say the coolant temperature goes high.

Tuning View 1


Another view that provides both a 2d and 3d view of the main fuel table with a Cell Target and gauge cluster.

Sample Tuning View 2



View with AE settings and gauge cluster on a single view.

Tuning View 3


There are really no limits to what views you can build!

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TunerStudio Integrated LogViewer  

All tied together. View your logs and trace log values to any table or 1d curve setting in the system .

IntegratedLogViewer 600

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TunerStudio MS Ultra Trim Table Auto Tune Now available in TunerStudio MS Ultra!MS3TrimSingleTable


Download The TunerStudio Beta


TunerStudio VE Analyze Live, the industry's 1st ; most proven, fast and accurate Live Autotune, now brings MegaSquirt Trim Table Autotune!  Even better, you don't have to have a Wideband for each cylinder! Sure it will autotune all your trim tables at once if you do have a wideband per cyclinder, but you can also have this computer analysis tune your trim tables 1 at a time with only 1 extra Wideband moved between sessions. If you have 2 extra widebands, you can tune trim tables 2 at a time; 3, 3 at a time all the way to a wideband per cylinder.....

Available for MS3 and MS2 Extra firmwares.


MS3 - Yes if running full or semi-sequential you have full Individual Cylinder automatic tuning of each trim table.

MS2 Extra Firmware - If using the the Trim Tables, you can autotune the 1-4 trim tables!



Using Trim Table Autotune

Using 2 to 8 EGO Sensors on MS3, Trim Table Auto-Tune will tune your the trim tables for each cylinder to insure that you are getting the most from every cylinder!

Ok, how does this work, especially if you don't have as many Wideband O2 sensors as cylinders? Well here we go, by default Trim Table Analyze, will assign EGO sensor 1-8 to cylinder 1-8, however, it offers the option to only work on a subset of your trim tables and lets you set what EGO sensor to use. You will need an O2 Sensor bung on every cylinder, but don't need to have a Wideband in all of them at once.


MS3 Trim Table Autotune, page1:



So say you have a 6 cylinder and only 1 Wideband O2 sensor... In this case you would first make sure you have a good tune on your main fuel table using that 1 wide band in its normal location, Use the standard VE Analyze Live on your main Fuel table. Once you fell the table is well tuned, now you can focus on cylinder trim tables. To do so, use the 2nd EGO Sensor for each of the cylinders, one cylinder at a time. In TunerStudio you can let Trim Table Auto Tune work on as many cylinders as you have EGO sensors, so 1 at a time by moving the EGO sensor from cylinder to cylinder or do them all at once if you have a WB for each cylinder.


MS2 Extra Trim Table Autotune:


So in summary, using Trim Table Autotune is similar to the VE Analyze MegaSquirt users are used to. While having a Wideband for each cylinder would be awesome, it is not nessecary!

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TunerStudio 3.0 Dashboard Enhancements New Gauge Styles!

New Dashboards!

New Photo Real Default Dash

     doubleSweep-400         sweep3-400
     new-default-400         sweep-400



Designer Mode improvement!

 Most Designer mode Properties are now bundled into a single dialog for easier access.



New Click actions allow you to assign actions to a single click or touch and / or another action to a long click.

Click actions can be:

- Open a settings dialog or table

- Reset the assigned channel

- Start or stop data logging

- Trigger and send Controller Commands


Properties Dialog md






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TunerStudio 3.0 Curve Editor Now Supported in TunerStudio 3.0 on the 1D array Curve editor:

- Multi Select cell.
- Increment / Decrement blocks of values
- Interpolate from 2 points
- Copy / Paste blocks of values
- Floating elipse to track current run point.
- In The Ultra Edition, you can X-Y plot data on the Cruve Graph.





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